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Solid color Blitz Sticks 1pc

Solid color Blitz Sticks 1pc

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Nothing is so charming as the soft light of a candle. We believe that candles can not only light up your home, but also make you more active and enhance your mood.

We know how important clean and environmentally friendly ingredients are so our spiral candlesticks are made of high-quality paraffin, not only bright color but also for a dripless and unscented. Our wax is also of the highest quality, ensuring a long-lasting, clean burn. 

These candles feature a spiral taper design . Wick: smoke-free, 100% pure cotton lead-free wick. Clean, Unscented, Burning Wax,Trim wick after each use.

The candles are 3/4 taper, meaning they are slightly wider on one end than the other. Novelty candles, safe and non-toxic. Eelegant and sturdy, burn for a long time with a steady flame.

SIZE OF CANDLES: Taper Candles H 7.5inch” /20cm Diameter 0.7inch”/1.8cm.Time is Approx.8 Hours for Each Candle

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